A Few Words

About US

We are your partners in achieving your convenience

We are a specialized company in the tourism sector whose primary aim is to promote and introduce internal tourism by organizing tourist trips. We offer different forms of tourist trips, including:
sightseeing in cities, land trips, visiting major markets and places, as well as offering post-Hajj and Umrah trips We have the best employees in the tourism sector in the Kingdom. They are: Tour designers, tour guides, licensed academics, public relations coordinators.

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Our Vision

Ghyma Tourism has a specific goal and vision

which can be summarized as: introducing and
raising the quality of tourism in Saudi Arabia and building a community that has th ability to live together. We also in Ghayma try to draw the tourist side of Saudi Arabia through pushing tourism send, opening up more to tourist historical landmarks, and promoting the culture of tourism especially for the social side.

Our Message

Recognizing Saudi Arabia from geographical, historical and social aspects, and representing it as productive country that welcomes visitors. Also, raising the values of Islam, Kindness of its people as well as the beauty of its land.

How we work

Our work environment is very different and keep pace with global work environments. We have departments that help you do your dreams and help to gain experiences and stimulate the continuation of your passion. We motivate, develop, train national competencies and other different nationalities of the world.